Maturity At It’s Finest w/ Romwe (I’m 24 and I’m An Adult)

This piece is in partnership with Romwe. All my opinions are my very own.

AHH! What a crazy busy week of turning into an adult & it’s still not over. Let me give you a quick lay down for those of you that don’t watch my Snapchat or Instagram stories. Basically, I had a whole week event of turning 24 which was totally something I wasn’t even planning to be as crazy as it turned out.

I mean, there was even a piñata involved in all of this, that’s when you KNOW things got out of hand; but in the best way! I ended up having a great time but it’s time to relax and seriously detox from some things. I will admit, I am not as compatible with the “going-out” lifestyle as I used to be in college, and I’m a AZ Wildcat ALUM! But I’m an adult now. HELLOOO, I just booked my first flight all on my own..

I’ve always been one since I graduated college, on my own, paying rent on time, working a full time job, and trying to keep my life as sane as possible. That’s some serious adulting, noodles. With maturing, comes great responsibility, a wise man once told me (Peter Parker) I mean I changed the words a bit but you get the point. This means that we have to change the way we act, our perspectives must be evaluated and obviously the way we dress.

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I remember when my best friend Micaela was telling me to dress my age, “you’re not in college anymore, Paige. No more crop tops!” I eye rolled at her so hard, but then I realized she was right. However, I found a perfect loophole for my adult life merging with my college life. I have found a happy medium with clothes, if you will, that holds flavorful looks that I enjoyed wearing.

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I have decided to take a look at some clothes from the old and put them up on Poshmark so take a gander through what I have for ya’ll! While clearing my closet I’ve found some awesome pieces that I’d love to add to my adult wardrobe from Romwe.


Growing up as an adult with PaigetoPage and has been a blast and I’m still looking for more growth with readers, adventures and life goals. I’ll be looking for a slight reconstruction to the blog. I’ll be redesigning the logo and hopefully can get some solid feedback from all of ya’ll! Stay tuned!

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