Being Independent… It’s Important!

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Helllloooooo Noodle Fam! How’s everyone been? I hope well! I’ve been on cloud nine now that I’ve got a steady rhythm of life down. Isn’t it the best feeling when you feel like you’ve finally gotten it all together, for ONCE! Being on your own teaches you a lot about your character, drive, and independence. I find myself, almost happier, when I’m living on my own. I never was a codependent gal because my personality was and always will be, “honestly, I KNOWWWW what I’m doing stop telling me.” This always bothered my parents when I said this. Sorry, Mom and Dad.

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However, I was doing them a favor in the long run. As I was rebelling all those years, trying to become that independent adult that I knew I could be, I learned how to do so many things that some people my age still struggle with doing on their own without their parents help. I will say, I obviously need help here and there but from growing up and watching their steps and their mistakes I learned what to look out for.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned from being and Independent Adult:

How To Ask Questions:

Ya’ll, who ever told you that asking questions was “weak,” forget that. Some of the smartest people in the world ask questions EVERYDAY. Knowledge is powerful and don’t be arrogant and act like you know everything, because you really don’t. Being Independent means putting your pride aside and understanding the resources around you.

Understanding The Hardship of Having Enough:

When I say enough, I mean enough money, enough time, enough energy, enough space. Being independent takes so much work. Remember all of those things our parents would do for us when we were too young to understand “how to”… Well now it’s our turn. Don’t stay out late when you know you have responsibilities. Give yourself that time you need to collect your thoughts before making a big decision.  Save your money, don’t blow those big kid checks on unnecessary things. Make dinner at home stay in and have a fun night in with your friends.

Learn Who You Are Not Who People Want You To Be:

Growing up outside of your parent’s house is one thing, but growing up on your own paying bills, fixing the plumbing, running annoying errands, ect. is a whole different world. Being independent, I’ve learned how to understand my limitations. I don’t let myself get overworked as that clouds my life with negative emotions, and then we all know where that leads. Learn who you are and understand that your growing pace does NOT have to be up to speed with everyone else. Take each day and each experience slow and steady because if you rush things, you could miss the important parts.

So, I’m pretty pumped to see how well we all do growing up as independent people and making our families proud and also ourselves. I will admit, that I’m not SUPER thrilled about taking responsibility for phone bills, vet bills, car bills.. BUT that’s another post about me whining about life.

Xoxo friends!


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  1. Great points. I truly enjoyed living on my own after college and finding my own groove. Making tough choices is definitely part of growing up and I’m glad you point that out too. We are totally a husband and wife that stay in on the weekends more often than go out. But, we still have fun and get to watch our saving account grow instead of counting our pennies : )

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