Think OUTSIDE The Box, Go HIKE!

Howdy ya’ll! It’s almost the end of January and we’re off to the next big month and there’s many more adventures to come with this year! I’ve been a bit more active and by active I mean, I’m working out, sort of. I totally lost my motivation a bit ago and have been determined to gain that motivation back.

Does anyone struggle with getting yourself to the gym. I’m not just talking about looking at the gym from afar while you’re eating a Mcdonald’s burger… I mean walking into the gym and staying there for a full 30 minutes, MINIMUM! Yeah, it’s pretty difficult to even think about doing until you do it.

I’ve noticed how much I love myself after I get going at the gym. My body releases negative toxins and my mind relaxes itself. I don’t feel any judgement nor the pressure of being more than I want to be in that moment. However, there are times where I’m thinking to myself, “man, I want to be beyond these gym walls and doing something fun.” So I literally followed my day dream and went outside of the box.

So, here’s a little inside about my internal thoughts while I went hiking up Camelback Mountain:

Driving there was a breeze. We rolled the windows down to a cool 73 degrees outside, and jammed to some tunes.

I actually started getting a bit of anxiety right as I was parking because a) I was SUPER out of shape and b) I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Once we got out of the car we started walking and it wasn’t just walking it was incline walking and we WEREN’T even on the actual hike yet! Now, I started to sweat… literally!

I honestly, have the issue whining during any and everything I ever do, but I end up going through with it, just kicking and screaming most of the time… Whoops.

The weather and that sun the whole way up, and back, was great. The whole hike up though, I really challenged myself to take steps that I usually would be afraid to even try.

During the entire hike, I really reflected on how I view myself in my life. It’s crazy how much can be accomplished in such a short amount of time with the right mindset and attitude. I’ve given myself the benefit of the doubt recently, that I’m able to become the person I want to be if I decide to pursue it.

I decided that day from here on out that I would be happy, successful, kind, and thoughtful because these are all things I believe to be good. Be happy with who you are, Noodles. Fulfill your goals and be proud and successful in all that you do. Be kind to others and pay forward, and most importantly: be thoughtful of yourself.

I bet you want to know how the rest of the hike went… well I’m not going to tell you because I challenge you get step outside of the box, throw some shoes on and Hike that mountain!! Discover something new.

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