Hey Noodles! Welcome to Paige to Page. This is a place to grow up through my personal stories + advice, style guidelines, food exploring, and much more!

My name is Paige & I’m the blogger behind Paige to Page. This blog is all about helping young adults find ease and comfort in this busy and huge world. We can’t get through it alone without a little help from our friends. Wanna be friends? Great!

Paige to Page is my way of sharing common stories that you may have faced as a young child and even a young adult. From that purple bedazzled diary I brought light to the questions that we’ve all been afraid to ask.

Each week you can follow me through the journey of growing up! I’m inspired by failures, feelings and food. Each of these connect because with failures comes lessons with feelings comes the truth and with food comes the solution of happiness.

I’m constantly searching for new and exciting ways to make my day/life greater. So let’s find it together!!

I hope that this blog opens your eyes to new adventures and lots of questions to ask me. So make sure to subscribe for your weekly reads that go right into your inbox!

Wanna talk? I’m just a click away.


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